Justin Mosley

Justin is a competitive powerlifter, ex-collegiate football player, and has a passion for fitness with over 10+ years of experience. After completing his MBA, Justin went to pursue a career in personal training which led to him becoming the Training Director for the gym he was working at. The gym he worked at was an Active Life Pro Path gym which led him to the role of being a professional in Active Life Long Beach space.

Justin was born and raised in Long Beach, NY which makes his pursuit of the Active Life Long Beach mission even greater. He has always been an active member of his community by providing volunteer work and community service to those in need. To be involved with a team focused around helping others reach goals they thought were impossible is a dream come true for Justin, especially in the town he grew up in.

Through multiple injuries and many years of experience in the health & fitness field, Justin brings a unique approach to his training. Justin has gone through an ACL/Meniscus Reconstruction, Shoulder Labrum Tear, herniated discs, and malignant tumor removal on the coccyx. Despite having gone through all these setbacks, Justin has been able to compete at high levels of competition successfully and pain-free. The understanding of these setbacks that Justin has had is what led him to many accolades and successes. Having a greater understanding through experience, it has allowed Justin to get firsthand experience of the processes of rehabilitation and where there have been cracks in the healthcare system when handling return to activities of daily interest.

Outside of work, Justin enjoys spending his time with his family and friends along with pursuing his goal to earn his pro-card for powerlifting.

Justin Mosely